By Alaina Yoakum, URJ Camp Newman Marketing & Communications Director

“How was camp?”


“What’d you do?

“Lots of fun stuff.”

Sound familiar? After two or four weeks at camp, I’m sure your camper has countless camp moments they can share – but will they? If your child is anything like my introverted daughter after she returned home from camp, getting her beyond the “it was great” response was a always a huge challenge. So here are some easy prompts to get your camper chatting and sharing the details. Pace yourself, though. Don’t ask all the questions at once – save a few for those long car rides or the dinner table.

  • Will you teach me your favorite Israeli dance?
  • Can you sing me your session song?
  • What was your favorite chug? (chugim are like electives)
  • What was the tastiest meal at the Dining Hall?
  • What happens during “Game Day”?
  • Why is Shabbat so special at camp?
  • What did you do during cabin time?
  • Tell me about your camp friends! Where do they live?
  • What was the coolest prayer service you attended?
  • Did you try climbing the Aerial Course or Alpine Tower at Porter Creek? Or the pool Obstacle Course?
  • What activities did you do during Yom Israel – the Israel Day? Did you get to know any of the Israeli counselors?
  • Tell me about your favorite counselor. Did they ever do something really funny/wacky?
  • Did you do anything you’ve never tried before? What was the hardest thing you tried?
  • What did it feel like to be around so many Jewish people?
  • (for returning campers) Was it nice seeing your old friends?
  • (for returning campers) What did you enjoy this year more than past years? What do you love now that you didn’t as a younger camper?

As the Camp Marketing & Communications Director, I love hearing about the impact camp makes on your children – because it reaffirms everything that we are trying to do: Create the most joyful, inspiring, and magical time for your camper ever! So if any of these questions spark a great story that you think the greater Camp Newman community would love to hear, send them my way:!