by Rachel Dubowe, Summer Assistant Director & Past Nefesh Director

#1 … Listening is Cool: You should think that listening is one of the coolest things to do! Nefesh staff members always have time to listen to all campers. Camp days are busy, silly, fun and exhausting–and campers sometimes need to process all of that! As a Nefesh staff member, you will interact with many different campers and staff members who might be ready to tell you everything or who will slowly confide in you.  

#2 … Patience, Patience, Patience: Patience is core to being a Nefesh Staff member. Being a Nefesh staff member might mean waiting for a camper to feel comfortable with you or helping out with the same camper for a few days in a row. Camper care takes time as our team needs to do what is best for each and every camper to feel safe, supported and successful. 

#3 … Flexibility is the name of the game at camp! As much as we plan and schedule, we never know what might happen at camp which is why our Nefesh staff members need to be flexible and ready to roll with whatever a camp day will bring. 

#4 … Think B’tzelem Elohim: At camp, one of our core values is B’tzelem Elohim–we believe that every individual at camp is awesome in their differences. As a Nefesh staff member, you need to be willing and ready to accept and support all of our campers’ unique and individual needs. 

#5 … I LOVE CAMP! You should be ready to love camp! Camp means getting silly, dancing it out, singing out loud, trying new things, teaching others, learning, and embracing our holy camp community–we can’t wait to see you there!

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