Make for yourself a mentor, acquire for yourself a friend and judge every person as meritorious. – Pirkei Avot 1:6

We are grateful to work and partner with an amazing team of professionals. Please join us in welcoming our new Camp Directors and our new Development and Logistics Associate!

Rabbi Allie, Beto & Christine

Christine Wedner is excited to be a part of the Camp Newman family as our new Senior Assistant Director! This is her second year on staff. In 2016, she oversaw Camp Katan, providing a memorable summer experience for our youngest campers – our faculty children. This year, she is the Summer Administrator, managing the camp’s operations. She’s also a superwoman, simultaneously pursuing her Master’s in Education while running a busy household of four children, a husband, and a dog. She can’t wait to continue our tradition of Camper CARE and of creating unforgettable memories! You can email Christine at

Beto Salazar-Poss is delighted to be assuming the role of Assistant Director of Camp Newman on what marks his 19th summer with the camp community! Beto grew up attending camp as a camper and then later took on key leadership roles in both NFTY and camp, where he excelled in his role as Rosh Eidah and as a site host for our retreats. He’s excited to continue making a deep impact on our kehillah kedosha – our community – that has given so much to him. You can email Beto at

Martee Fischman is excited to be joining our full-time team as Development and Logistics Associate after working behind the scenes the last three years at camp, first as Dining Hall Manager in 2015 and as Development Associate in 2016. Martee played a critical role in managing the logistics of launching our first amazing summer at Newman by the Bay, and looks forward to being an integral part of camp’s growth in the future. You can email Martee at

As you know, earlier this summer we also announced Rabbi Allie’s promotion to Camp Director and Rabbi Erin and Mikey’s transition to new chapters. Also embarking on a new journey is Samara Leader – please join us in wishing her a fond farewell!

While we are excited for Samara’s next steps, everyone here at Camp Newman and NFTY will miss her contributions tremendously. Samara has been a fixture at camp since starting as a camper in 1995. There’s hardly a camp role Samara has not filled – Counselor, Advisor, Rosh Eidah, Avodah Director and CIT Director. Samara’s involvement in NFTY CWR is equally impressive. Starting as a teen participant in NFTY, Samara later took on successive leadership roles over seven years as a regional staff member and for the past year as Director of Teen Engagement.

Through the years, Samara has been a standout leader at camp, and in setting up a strong structure for our NFTY regions. Samara is currently serving as the Avodah Director at Newman by the Bay and will finish her tenure as camp concludes. Please join us in thanking Samara for making camp and NFTY a better place, and for making a lasting positive impact on the lives of our children and teens. You can email Samara at

We wish all of our staff a tremendous MAZEL TOV and Todah Rabah (thank you)!