We are so excited to have your camper(s) join us for their first summer at camp! Camp Newman is an exciting place full of new friendships, growth opportunities, and joyful Jewish moments.  We also know that the first summer at camp, perhaps the first significant time away from home, is a big step. We’re here for you and your camper(s) every step of the way!


3 Ways to Prepare for a Successful Session:

  • Shop for needed items and pack with your camper. Being able to recognize their belongings even if they are new, knowing what they have and where to find it will lower anxiety about camp.
  • Review the people at camp your camper can go to if they need something. Counselors, Rosh Eidah (unit head), Nefesh (camper care team). Remind your camper that part of the camp experience is speaking up when they need something and utilizing those people whose WHOLE JOB is to help campers. They do not have to endure or be silent!
  • Explain that we do not say “homesick” because we are not sick. These are moments of sadness–everyone has moments and moments pass. We fully expect to miss home or have times when we feel down at camp.  That is supposed to happen! Not even a trip to Disneyland, “the happiest place on Earth,” is without its moments (am I right, grown-ups?!)  Advise your camper that when (not if) we feel like that, its ok to take a moment but to not get stuck there.  Find an activity or a friend who is NOT having a similar moment and get engaged in something.  The best way to move through the moment to the next moment is to DO something, usually with others.  We’ll go more in-depth on Moments of Sadness in future emails.