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The secret of camp magic lies in the people who make it happen… our staff members!  Our staff share a strong passion for mentoring youth and for modeling the camp values of friendship, presence, respect, and Jewish community. Our staff work as a team toward one mission: to keep our campers healthy and safe, and to create a thriving, creative, and supportive community based on Jewish values. 

Our staff is comprised of college students, young adults, and professionals in a variety of fields. They come from our region, across the country, and around the world, including a delegation from Israel – shlichim or “ambassadors”. Most of our staff members are individuals who spent many of their previous summers as GFC campers. They grew up at camp, and we are hoping that many of this summer’s campers will one day follow in their footsteps and become members of the GFC staff. 

In addition to our counselors and specialists, GFC boasts a specially trained safety and security staff, health care staffs of medical and mental health professionals, and a support staff of kitchen personnel, maintenance workers, housekeepers, and administrators.  

Staff  Training 

Staff partake in various training opportunities prior to their arrival in Bruceville. They arrive to camp up to 14 days prior to the campers’ arrival. Group-building experiences, training sessions, and concentrated planning done with other staff members are all combined into Staff Orientation. This time is spent in a pre-summer Staff Orientation program covers a large range of topics including health and safety procedures, child development, programming, bunk management, and more. Staff members receive continuous feedback, evaluation, and training throughout the summer.  


One of the unique elements of our staff is the large group of visiting facultyRabbis, Cantors, Jewish Educators and Youth Professionals from congregations and partner organizations from the region join us throughout our summer. They are not only a key to our education and Jewish life program, but they are very visible adult role-models for our campers and our staff. They participate in and help lead activities throughout camp in all areas; you’ll see them in arts & crafts, on the sports fields, and even at the pool and lake.